Jumbo Large Print Calendars for Seniors 2023


Staying organized is a fundamental aspect of daily life, but for seniors, the visually impaired, and individuals with conditions like dementia, finding a suitable calendar can be challenging. We understand the importance of simplicity and accessibility, which is why we introduce the Jumbo Large Print 12-Month Calendar Date Book: Simple Big Format Planner July 2023 – June 2024. This user-friendly planner caters to the unique needs of those seeking easy-to-read calendars and offers a range of benefits for seniors and individuals with visual impairments or dementia.

Key Features

1. Designed for the Visually Impaired

This calendar is thoughtfully designed for the visually impaired, featuring a jumbo 30-point font that ensures effortless readability. The larger print size eliminates the strain on the eyes, making it easier for individuals with low vision to keep track of their schedule with clarity and confidence.

2. Free Printable Calendars for the Visually Impaired

To further support accessibility, we provide free printable versions of our large print calendar to those on our email list. These printable calendars can be easily customized and printed at home, allowing users to have a physical copy that meets their specific needs and preferences.

3. Ideal Calendar for Seniors and the Elderly

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar is a perfect companion for seniors and the elderly. Its simple, uncluttered design offers a hassle-free planning experience, reducing confusion and providing easy access to important dates and appointments.

4. Supporting Those with Dementia

Individuals with dementia often benefit from familiar routines and clear visual cues. The large, easy-to-read format of this calendar aids memory and supports seniors with dementia in staying oriented and engaged with their daily activities.

5. 12-Month Calendar: Stay Organized All Year

With a 12-month view from July 2023 to June 2024, users can efficiently plan and organize their entire year. This extended view ensures that important events, appointments, and milestones are never overlooked.


In the pursuit of simplicity and accessibility, the Jumbo Large Print 12-Month Calendar Date Book is a game-changer for seniors, the visually impaired, and individuals with dementia. With its jumbo large print font and user-friendly design, this calendar empowers users to stay organized with ease. Additionally, offering free printable versions further emphasizes our commitment to inclusivity and meeting individual needs. Embrace the convenience of a calendar that caters to your specific requirements and enjoy a hassle-free planning experience throughout 2023 and beyond. Stay ahead of your schedule, support memory retention, and embrace the clarity of a large print calendar designed to empower accessibility for all.