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Eating Wise For Healthy Eyes

Eating Wise For Healthy Eyes: Mediterranean Diet Recipes With Anti-Inflammation Foods Designed To Optimize Healthy Eyesight

Mediterranean Diet Recipes With Anti-Inflammation Foods Designed To Optimize Healthy Eyesight

  • Consume more anti-inflammatory foods, lutein, and essential nutrients, without relying on AREDS2 eye vitamins or supplement pills.
  • Take a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mindful eating and physical activity into your daily routine.
  • Explore a wide array of meals and snacks for every occasion, from breakfast to desserts, satisfying every palate.
  • Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle, savoring meals with loved ones and embracing balance and joy in your eating habits.
  • Transform your health and vitality by integrating these recipes and lifestyle principles into your daily routine.
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Cory has been a leader in Macular Degeneration rehabilitative patient care for the last two decades, providing solutions for thousands of patients. 

Eating Wise For Healthy Eyes

The key nutrients and recipes for optimal vision health, driven by the AREDS2 study by NIH/NEI – National Eye Institute. Buy on

Caring Wise For Healthy Eyes

Providing Excellent Rehabilitation Care for Patients with AMD/Macular Degeneration: A Training Guide for Caregivers.

Living Wise For Healthy Eyes

A resource guide for healthy living, using data-driven research for recommendations, tips, and guidance for the optimal eyesight lifestyle.

Cory Danell, MA, CLVT, COMS, CFNIP

Certified Low Vision Therapist

Cory’s lifelong dedication revolves around educating and empowering individuals about the care of Macular Degeneration patients. With a deep-rooted commitment to spreading awareness about vision loss strategies and providing valuable rehabilitation/education resources, Cory Danell has been a driving force in the field. Fueled by her passion for advocating for seniors, she embarked on a transformative journey two decades ago when entering the field of low vision rehabilitation, and later Certifying as a Low Vision Therapist. Today, through her visionary organization, Answers About Macular Degeneration, she continues to revolutionize the way we approach low vision rehabilitative care.

AMD & Healthy Living

Let’s Craft a Healthy AMD Routine & Lifestyle

If you have macular disease in your family, you understand the importance of maintaining good visual health. I started this website and newsletter where I share information and insights designed to maximize macular visual. There is special focus dedicated to the prevention of age-related macular degeneration, referencing studies and investigations that reveal the benefit of exercise and nutrition. 

Answers About AMD Benefits

-Comprehensive education, nutrition guidance, and support for AMD

-AMD-friendly recipes and practical nutrition recommendations

-Curated collection of trusted AMD resources and support groups

-Emotional support and coping strategies for individuals and caregivers

Answers About AMD Features

-Tailored educational resources for caregivers and family members

-Information & guidance for facilitating the rehabilitation process

-Regularly updated AMD educational & rehabilitation content

-Expert insights and practical tips from professionals in the field